Welcome to TARBOUSH Tring.

Bringing the best Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisine from our family recipes to you.

When we first visited the beautiful grade II listed building in Tring we fell in love with the place. It reminded us of the old houses back in the middle east, it had that same warm welcoming atmosphere. After a little investigation we discovered that the building was originally an Inn where people would came an eat, drink and meet with friends and family. We fell in love with the idea of feeding people in the same space as people have shared food, stories and memories for centuries.

The food we are sharing may be a little different than the food they were eating back in the 17th century but the joy and sense of togetherness is the same. Running a restaurant is not easy but we do it because we love people and there is no better feeling than seeing people eating, drinking and laughing together.

We hope that you will visit us at Tarboush Tring and help us create many more memories in this amazing building.