About Us

A Tarboush

(also known in North Africa as a fez), is a red felt hat with a tassle. Many will associate the Tarboush with comedian Tommy Cooper or films like Casablanca but the hat is so much more.
The origin of the name and why it has become so linked with food goes back to the old middle eastern cafes. Before there was TV and radio people would visit these cafe’s where a storyteller wearing a Tarboush would sit and tell them news, gossip and stories as they ate and drank. Tarboush became more than just a hat, it became symbolic as the centre of a community.

We have been so warmly welcomed by the people of Tring and we can’t wait to start creating memories with you. From our delicious mezza to tasty chargrilled meats and comforting tagines through to our speciality wine list and fresh juices, we have lots to tempt you. On Friday and Saturday evenings we have our amazing belly dancer who will visit your table and blow your mind. We look forward to seeing you soon!

We are more than just an evening and lunch venue, we will be open from 10am for brunch so for a halal cooked breakfast to a middle eastern style brunch feast we look forward to seeing you.

Note from Laura (The bosses wife)

The first time I visited the middle east was after Kayes and I got engaged. I remember the first morning after I arrived the whole family coming together mid morning to have brunch. There wes amazing cheeses, fresh falafel, eggs, yogurt, hummus, Moutabal, fresh bread, Zattar (a selection of spices sprinkled on top of arabic bread and drizzled with olive oil) and many more dishes. This was all washed down with copious amounts of sweet, black arabic tea.

The brunch lasted about two hours and when it finished I think we all rolled rather than walked away from the table. I was fortunate to share many such meals with my new family and even now my mouth waters when I think about it.

If you have not experienced an Arabic breakfast you have not really lived.